My Google+ Update
Google+ Tip: Getting more exposure by tagging Google+ brand pages and helpful plussers..

Get more visibility by sharing quality content, people will appreciate that by resharing your post. You can always get extra reshares by tagging relevant Google+ brand pages..
1. General posts
Tag following Google+ brand pages: 
+Sharing is Caring on G+ (by +pio dal cin ) 
+Community RESHARE 
2. When Sharing Circles
Tag following Brand Pages: 
+Best Shared Circle
+The Best Circles on Google+
+Shared Circles Shared a Circle with You
+Shared a Circle with you
+Shared a circle with you
+Shared Circles (Обмен кругами)
+Public Circles
+Shared Circles Google+
+G+ Shared Circles Directory for Pages
+Circle Plus 

3. When Requesting for feature
Tag +Google+ Features Requests +Shamil Weerakoon 
4. When doing Mockups
Tag +Google+ Mockups +Shamil Weerakoon and +Jacob Dix 

5. When Sharing Google+ tips and tricks
» Tag following Google+ pages: 
+Google+ Tips And Tricks 
+Plus Examiner 
+Google+ Tips 
+Google+ Tips and Advice 
+New Users Start here 
+Up Your Plus 
» Tag following plussers:
+Shamil Weerakoon 
+Johan Horak 
+Rahul Roy (Me)
+Jaana Nyström ?

6. When sharing Seo tips
Tag following plussers: 
+Lee Smallwood 
+Ivan Dimitrijević 
+Ronnie Bincer — not for re-share but learn something new, they love helping..

7. Youtube+Ronnie Bincer 
8. News+Euro Maestro +EuroTech 

9. Linux and other technical stuff’s : Tag +Marcus Smith +Linux Fans +Linux Lovers 
10. Photography 
+Wildlife Photography 


» Add #Hashtags 
» Write about trending topics
» Add Images for more visibility
» Create an opt in circle to notify people about important posts..
PS: use these tips for important posts only and remember its quality which matters…

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